Here is how you should be selecting the Best Acne Treatment to get a clear clean Skin that is free of Pimples and Blemishes

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To take care of your acne problem there are several acne treatment products available. These treatments are in various forms starting with topical medications that include cleansers, creams, gels, foams, pastes and solutions. Then you have the oral medications. Many of these medications are available as natural acne treatments as well as synthetically created medicines. Recent developments in acne treatment include light, laser and heat.

Acne treatment will depend on several factors like classification and type of acne, severity of the acne, parts of the body impacted by acne etc. The treatment can be a single medication or procedure or it can be a combination of medications and/ or procedures.

Key Factors to consider when choosing an Acne Treatment

When selecting acne treatment products you need to keep the following points in mind regardless of the type of acne-

1) Control the clogging of pores on your skin. This includes decreasing the stickiness of the skin cells

2) Remove or decrease the amount of bacteria present on your skin and hair follicles.

3) Decrease the activity of the oil producing glands

4) Reduces inflammation and redness of the skin

When you take an acne treatment it is important to understand that most treatments work by controlling acne and preventing acne in the future. No acne treatment will get rid of acne overnight completely. In case your acne is mild you can achieve good results overnight with your acne receding well and almost invisible.

The key to preventing acne is to continue medication even after your acne disappears. You may have to continue medications until imbalances and hormonal changes taking place in your body stabilize. When the imbalances reduce excess oil production and over activity of your sebaceous glands will also reduce.

It is extremely important that you do not give up the treatment regime too early. Be patient and give your acne treatment proper care and time on a regular basis. Follow up with your dermatologist on a regular basis so that you can analyze your acne condition regularly.

Types of Acne – Classification of Acne

Acne can be divided into three major types - Comedonal acne, Papulopustular acne and Papulopustular acne. Each of these major types can be further subdivided based on the severity of acne. Acne severity is defined as mild, moderate and severe. Severity definition is based on the number of lesions present as well as the persistence, scarring and psychological impact of acne.

Comedonal acne

This is the very basic form of acne. This acne normally appears with the onset of puberty. You may see acne spots on your nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. This may be in the form of blackheads and whiteheads without the presence of red pimples. Along with comedonal acne you may find other acnes also.

Papulopustular acne

This is the most common form of acne with severity being mild to severe. You may have rid pimples on your face, neck, back, chest and upper arms.

Nodulocystic acne

This is the most severe form of acne with large and deep breakouts. When bacteria infect these breakouts, the acne takes the form of a cyst and is called cystic acne. This type of acne is more common in males and is normally found on your face back and chest. Cystic acne often causes scarring of the skin, so you need to be careful. Getting rid of acne is much quicker and easier as compared to getting rid of acne scars.

Most people will have a combination of the above mentioned acne types. It is important to understand the basic symptoms and according decide on the acne treatment that you will need to peruse.

Top Acne Treatment Products Reviewed Below

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#1 Exposed Acne Treatment
Acne Treatment Rank: #1
Acne Fighting Power: 5/5
Reduce Redness / Swelling : 5/5
Product Quality :
Price: $49.95
Return Policy : 365 Days money back guarantee

Reasons: Exposed Acne treatment has many advantages over other acne products the main one being that it is the most POTENT treatment for all types of acne, whether you are having SEVERE acne breakouts or mild acne, this treatment simply works.

This product works on all the 4 key areas that are absolutely essential for clearing acne – unclogging Pores, killing acne causing bacteria, regulating skin oil / sebum production and reducing inflammation and redness.This 4-step process for treating acne is the most complete process for treating acne in the market.

Out of more than 15 products we analyzed, exposed acne is the only product that has almost 100 % natural ingredients. The user feedback data we collected from several acne forums and websites clearly indicated that Exposed acne is the highest rated product in terms of EFFECTIVENESS of clearing acne, PREVENTING further acne breakouts and the QUALITY of the product.

This product is worth every penny and more. This is the only product that GUARANTEES to clear cane in 30 days, a very bold claim for any product. There is no other product that is offering a 365 days money back guarantee.

We rank this product #1 in the Acne Treatment industry.

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#2 Acnezine Acne Treatment
Acne Treatment Rank: #2
Acne Fighting Power: 4.5/5
Reduce Redness / Swellingr : 4.5/5
Product Quality :
Price: $49.95
Return Policy: 90 Days money back guarantee

Reasons: Acnezine has a unique inside out approach to get rid of acne. This product does offer a complete skin care management that not only treats pimples and blemishes, but also prevents acne from coming back.

When compared with several other products that we evaluated, Acnezine does a proper job of treating acne from the roots unlike other products that only work on the symptoms.

This is indeed a quality product from a quality company. However the user feedback data we collected from several acne forums and websites clearly indicated that Acnezine was the # 2 product in terms of effectiveness of clearing acne, preventing further acne breakouts and the quality of the product.

We do recommend our highest ranked product, but Acnezine comes in highly regarded as our #2 ranked acne treatment product.

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#3 Zenmed Derma Cleanse
Acne Treatment Rank: #3
Acne Fighting Power: 4/5
Reduce Redness / Swelling : 4/5
Product Quality :
Price: $99.95 + S&H
Return Policy: 60 Days money back guarantee

Reasons: Zenmed's Derma Cleanse system appears a good acne treatment product that combats acne both with an oral capsule for consumption as well as with a cleanser and acne gel on your face. This product does enjoy a positive user feedback on most of the aspects.

However this product is slightly expensive compared with several other products. In terms of effectiveness the product works well for treating mild to moderate acne only. When it comes to treating severe acne this product falls behind Exposed and Acnezine.

Because Clearpores uses a natural approach for treating acne without use of any harsh chemicals, we found this product to be good enough to make it one of the best products we selected.

Overall, Clearpores is our #4 ranked acne treatment product.  It is definitely better than average!

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#4 Clearpores
Acne Treatment Rank: #4
Acne Fighting Power: No
Reduce Redness / Swelling : No
Product Quality :
Price: $53.95
Calorie Guide: 6 months Money Back Guarantee

Reasons: Clear Pores is an acne treatment system that uses a 3-step process to get rid of acne. Clear Pores uses a unique inside out approach for treating acne. A topical cream treats acne from outside and an herbal product does the treatment and cleansing from inside.

Although the two-pronged process to treat acne is very good, however the effectiveness of this solution for treating severe acne has been very limited.

Because Clearpores uses a natural approach for treating acne without use of any harsh chemicals, we found this product to be good enough to make it one of the best products we selected.

This is a quality product which is sligtly expensive but definitely delivers value.  It is our #4 ranked product

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